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Wüstenzelt "Desert Seal"

Andreas Vogler pumping up the tent with a foot pump. The inflation by foot pump takes about 6-7 minutes, whereas the tent erects itself by the pressure in the airbeams.
Andreas Vogler and Arturo Vittori rigging up the tent and installing the inflatable mattress, the solar panel and the electric system.
Detail of the tent rolled out, just before inflation.
The rolled up tent with the foot pump.
All pieces of the DesertSeal tent including waterbag and water bottle.
Arturo Vittori checking the manufacture of the end cap.
Detail view of the connection of the three airbeams, showing extra bonded reinforcements of the connection seams.
The airbeam frame is test-inflated in the workshop and controlled for leakage.
The end plate with the two inflated airbeams attached to it.
The airbeams are bonded to the aluminium end plates and additionally secured by a tensioning strap.
Reinforcement strips are heat bonded over the main seams of the airbeams.
The airbeams are cut out of yellow polyurethane covered polyethylene, which are glued together with 2 component glue hardening under hot air.
The joint detail, where 3 airbeams meet is manufactured with help of a aluminium tube, which is removed after bonding.
The two aluminium end pieces show the tubes for the fixing of the inflatable airbeams and the opening for the ventilation.
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