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Black Bathroom

Regio by Inax. Photo: Inax

The Japanese manufacturer INAX opened a new showroom in New York. On display: Black bathroom fixtures.The ceramic tile and sanitary ware manufacturing company INAX was founded in 1924 in Tokoname city, Japan, and worked initially with the American architect, Frank LIoyd Wright: Wright actually put together the tile facility of the company and then used its tiles in the design of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

INAX has continued to strivee to “create luxury lavatory products that blend traditional Japanese style with modern sensibilities.” The launch of INAX USA sets a new standard in design aesthetics, anti-bacterial technology, and water conservation.

The bathroom fixture Regio for example is meant to be a design product in the "smart luxury”  class – i.e., it is it is not just about appearance but about “genuine comfort”: Regio's design incorporates modern technology, including the highest levels of water conservation and automated convenience. The compaby reassures that it is a “quiet, profoundly comfortable and offers a greater level of cleanliness than ever achieved before.”

What is very interesting as well, is that Regio’s bathroom fixtures do not only come in the standard white, but also in black – and why not.

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