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Boathouse and retreat

The boathouse and retreat in a remote location in Norway. Photo:


The design of a boathouse and retreat became a replacement project for TYIN tegnestue architects - the objective: Utilize all existing material.

The Norwegian architects TYIN tegnestue were commission to design boathouse in More og Romsdal, Norway, in order to replace an outdated and broken-down boathouse. They challenged themselves to reuse as much material from the existing building as possible mainly because transportation of construction materials to the shielded and inaccessible location of the building site proved to be troublesome.

Most of the material for the new boathouse and retreat came from a building that was previously standing on the site. Photo: TYIN tegnestue architects


TYIN tegnestue designed a modest, but isolated building set on concrete walls and footings. The facade features repurposed wooden shutters taken from the previous structure and reused window panels from the client’s farmhouse.

The wooden shutters at the facade can be opened to extend the living space. Photo: TYIN tegnestue architects


The rest of the building is cladded in Norwegian pine impregnated with a by-product from the sugar cane industry (Kebony), which over time will fade to an ash-grey hue.

TYIN tegnestue architects created a building that is not only traditionally used as a seasonal base for storage of boats and fishing equipment, but could also be used as a retreat and shelter for recreational use throughout the year.

Thus in summer the shutters, which include cotton canvas-covered lighting systems, can be opened to cover the terrace and to extend the living space. In winter the boathouse can be heated with a wood burner to be transformed into a warm retreat.

Interior view of the boathouse and retreat. Photo: TYIN tegnestue architects





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