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Dancing Squares or how to freeze movement

The Dancing Square light by Nendo comes as a suspended lamp or a foot lamp. Photo: Nendo, 2011

The new lamp and furniture collection by Nendo consists of various objects that are designed to appear frozen in time and space.The Japanese design studio Nendo based in Tokyo and Milan introduces Dancing Squares, square geometrical everyday objects designed to transmit the sense of movement.

The collection includes lamps, stools, tables and bookshelves composed as a series of items that are unstable in appearance.

The Dancing Squares foot lamp is a sphere made of square pieces. Photo: Nendo, 2011

The light of the Dancing Squares collection is designed as a suspended lamp or a foot lamp. Its diffuser is a rotating sphere made of square metal pieces that provide stability to the object and are projecting the light beams in different directions.

The Dancing Squares shelf's top shelf rotates at a 45º angle to the rest of the structure. Photo: Nendo, 2011

The Dancing squares’ shelf is a bookshelf designed with a top shelf that rotates with respect to the rest of the structure at a 45º angle. The intention is to produce “a frozen equilibrium effect that evokes an inevitable collapse” – an effect that plays with the user’s trust in the shelf’s structural stability.

The Dancing Squares table has the most confusing visual effect of Nendo's collection: Where is the table's horizontal surface located? Photo: Nendo, 2011

The table of Nendo’s Dancing Squares collection is slanted in appearance, but maintains horizontality in its surface while in its interior different planes intersect.

The sense of movement is definitely transmitted through Nendo's objects, but the confusing visual effect prevails.



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