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MAD’s Ordos Museum

The Ordos Museum designed by MAD architects in Ordos, China. Photo: MAD architects

The Ordos Museum designed by MAD recently opened – a shiny cultural center for the new Chinese city.     The Chinese architecture office MAD architects completed the construction on the Ordos museum located in the center of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China – a new city,
dozens of kilometers away from the former settlement, on a site that until recently was nothing but the Gobi desert.

The Ordos Museum and the new city of Ordos in the background. Designed by MAD architects. Photo: MAD architects

MAD architects were commissioned in 2005 to build the museum when the master plan for the new urban development of the metropolis Ordos was created: The master plan for Ordos was laid out as a rigid and precise series of urban areas radiating from a central plaza meant to symbolizing the rising sun.

The architects' concept for the building intends to back up the new city of Ordos with cultural tradition: The museum’s domed form of a natural, irregular nucleus is supposed to contain the cultural history of the region and to create a contrast to the geometric urban grid of the master plan.

The Ordos Museum's facade is made of metal louvers. Designed by MAD architects. Photo: MAD architects

The building is wrapped in polished
metal louvers, to reflect and dissolve the planned surroundings while filtering solar gain and introducing natural ventilation. The interior is divided into several exhibition halls opening onto a shared public space that runs through the building.

Interior view of the Ordos Museum. Designed by MAD architects. Photo: MAD architects

The extensive roof glazing introduces cascading into this environment, which is then channeled through the building by the luminescent 

The museum’s construction started in 2008 and has now been completed.


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