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Piao by Innovo

Piao paper chair by Innovo. Photo: Innovo

The Piao paper chair is part of the Piao collection – a rather poetic furniture collection by Innovo. The China-based design collective Innovo developed the Piao furniture collection a simply designed and structured table and chair both called Piao that are accompanied by the light Xuan.

The Piao collection designed by Innovo. Photo: Innovo

The Piao chair is crafted with the same materials and techniques as traditional Yuhang paper umbrellas: Layers of paper are glued together to form a scooped shell. The paper layers are combined

Glued layers of paper form the shell of the Piao chair. Designed by Innovo. Photo: Innovo

Hand made paper that is rich in natural fibers is combined layer by layer until the chair is strong enough to carry a person. Since the flexibility of the paper is kept it even though it is layered a comfortable shell and chair is the result.

The Piao table designed by Innovo. Photo: Innovo

The Piao table is produced and joined in a traditional way without using any screws. The material used is solid beech wood with a natural surface treatment in order to keep original feeling of the wood.

The Xuan lamp designed by Innovo. Photo: Innovo

The third piece of the furniture collection Piao is the Xuan lamp: A lamp made out of sliced bamboo that is rough on the outside and changes into fine and smooth slices in the inside of the lamp. The designers’ description of the light highlights the poetic side of their design: “Especially by a breeze through an open window the delicate curves of bamboo are fluttering and dancing.”


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