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Plastic bottle house by Dare

Plastic bottle house by Dare

A building constructed by the non-profit organization Dare almost entirely out of plastic bottles is rising in Nigeria.The Nigeria based non-profit organization Development Association for Renewable Energies, short Dare, is about to complete a two-bedroom bungalow constructed out of plastic bottles that is situated on a site in Sabon Yelwa, Nigeria.

View of the site of the plastic bottle house in in Sabon Yelwa, Nigeria, by Dare

The organization Dare was interested to transform the region’s litter problem into a positive future for the community through the construction of new residences – following the concept that one person's trash is another person’s building material. In addition the organization aimed to create a sustainable alternative to Nigeria’s immense housing shortage and to provide street children with a stable job.

To construct the building is easy and affordably: The construction process involves pouring a concrete foundation to create a solid base for the residence. Then used plastic bottles are filled with sand. Then the caps are reattached to the sand-filled bottles before stacking sideways one on top of the other, tying them together and securing with layers of mud.

Since each used plastic drinks bottle takes on average 450 years to biodegrade they are well made use of as alternative bricks that are the units to construct a new building that is bullet- and fireproof, earthquake resistant, and maintains a interior temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) all year round – a comfortable temperature in Nigeria’s hot climate.

This pilot project by dare is supported by the London-based organisation Africa Community Trust.

Construction on the building began in June this year and is scheduled for completion before the end of the year.




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