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Shelved Cooking: Prix Émile Hermès 2011

Shelved Cooking designed by Unqui was awarded the first price of the Prix Émile Hermès 2011. Photo: Prix Émile Hermès 2011

Shelved Cooking, an economical, energy-efficient cooktop designed by Unqui for was awarded with the first price of Prix Émile Hermès 2011. Congratulations!The French design collective Unqui won the first price of this year’s Prix Émile Hermès that was themed “Heat, me-heat, re-heat” with their low-energy cooktop Shelved Cooking: An ergonomic plywood-and-plastic system inspired by the traditional Scandinavian cooking techniques of slow-cooking. The system involves bringing slow-cooking foods like rice, stews and casseroles to the boil, then leaving them to cook slowly in their own heat by cutting the energy source and insulating the cooking pot.

Shelved Cooking designed by Unqui consists of two cylinders set into a workbench, each containing an induction hotplate.

Shelved Cooking designed by Unqui is energy-efficient and economic. Photo: Prix Émile Hermès 2011

To use this system for cooking, one places a cooking pot inside the cylinder and brings it to the boil. Then the hotplate is switched off and the cylinder sealed with insulation flaps made from compressed layers of boiled wood, survival blanket and cork.

The triennial Prix Émile Hermès focuses on awarding young designers creating products that are aesthetically appealing and designed in a responsible manner, using sustainable materials and fair practices.

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