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Shimmering Music Hall by Cor & Asociados

Music Hall designed by Cor & Asociados. Photo: David Frutos

Cor & Asociados designed a new music hall close to Alicante, Spain, that shimmers like a pearl. The Spanish architecture office Cor & Asociados transformed a Civil Guards Quarter built in the 1960s in the town of Alguena, Alicante, into a new music hall.

View of the site of the new Music Hall designed by Cor & Asociados. Photo: David Frugos

The architects were commissioned to create a new community base for this 2,000-person village that has an extensive musical history and uses song as a social and educational tool.

With a budget of €776,885 Cor & Asociados came up with a concept that would create a social hub for the village and would bring together the community through their shared passion for music.

View of the Music Hall auditorium's facade. Design by Cor & Asociados. Photo: David Frugos

By converting and extending the existing former Civil Guards Quarter the architects created a new building with a floor area of 750 m2 including a 350 m2 auditorium with 230 seats.

View of the View of the Music Hall auditorium's interior. Design by Cor & Asociados. Photo: David Frutos

Glass boxes housing staircases that are lit from above are placed between the old and new volumes that are surrounding the existing central courtyard. A park with an open-air auditorium is planned for the back courtyard of the new music hall.

Glass boxes are placed between the existing and the new building of the Music Hall. Design by Cor & Asociados. Photo: David Frutos

The architects’ decided to clad the new auditorium with pearlescently fired ceramic tiles, i.e., with tiles that shift in tone as the sky above throughout the day and seasons – a decision that helped to foster their concept to give the village of Alguena a new branding. The architects explain: “The new hall is a blind box, a strange element because of its shape and dimensions. To emphasise this sensation we propose a cladding that vibrates and shines with a pearly-iridescent material.”




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