Konzept Multi-storey Housing

What are the latest trends in single-storey residential construction?
How to achieve flexibility without renovating? Balcony or loggia?

Winy Maas from MVRDV discusses the necessity for new forms of urban neighbourhoods in these times of globalization, and elucidates on the philosophy behind his megablocks in Amsterdam und Madrid.
Gabriele Kaiser and Daniel Kurz present the latest developments in residential construction in Vienna and Zurich.
Frank Kaltenbach demonstrates various design possibilities for loggias, by way of actual built examples, and considers their impact on living spaces and facades.
Examples from nine different European countries, from Norway to Spain, represent the spectrum of residential construction; ranging from a free-standing house, through infill structures and row houses, to building complexes in which multi-storey apartments and single family houses are interleaved.
Make the leap from the Europan Award to an architectural practice? That is exactly what S333 Architecture + Urbanism have achieved with their innovative concept of "Icebergs" in Groningen; and Blauwerk by creating space in a small area in Ingolstadt.
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