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Fast cars and loose furniture. Aston Martin branded furniture by FormItalia

Fast furniture chaislongue

Motor vehicles, and especially the really fast ones, have great allure, and an ability to instil passion bordering on the obscene in their target audience. It is not surprising therefore that Formitalia has has entered partnerships with three leading performance car manufacturers: Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and now Aston Martin to create ranges of furniture who's designs are inspired by the spirit of the cars. Here I look at some of the Aston Martin pieces. There appears to be no mention of the venture on Aston Martin's website, so I cannot be sure if these pieces are just branded by them or actually designed by the car firm. Nonetheless, the pieces themselves are worth a test spin.

I cannot say if I could identify a particular brand of motor vehicle from the furniture but I certainly get the impression I have driven these pieces before. (In my student days I was a valet parking attendant and test drove many a fancy motor!) The furniture featured here is made from carbon fibre, sanded aluminium and leather, lots if it. I am sure they will become essential pieces in an oil oligarch's office.

carbon fibre desk

leather sofa

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