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Festival of lights, Lyon, France.

Photo: Spiegel.

The French City of Lyon might like to think itself at the gastronomic centre of the world, but in 1643 the town was grateful that it was only on the periphery of an outbreak of the plague. The municipal councillors, in gratitude that the town had been saved, dedicated the Lyon to the Virgin Mary. To this day, the celebration marking this event is known as the festival of light.

Irrespective of the city's position in the gastronomical or epidemiological league tables, it must surely be a central event in for artists and designers working with light.

The images here are from past and present festivals and give an indication of just how intensely the architecture and public places are explored during the festival.

The religious significance of the festival is maintained with a solemn, and spiritual procession to the Basilica Fourvière.

From Dec 8th for four days.

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Photo: My modern met .

Lilizhuang's blog.

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Photo: Predrag Pajdic.


Photo: France and beyond photo blog.

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