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Loft House, Hanna Michelson, Sweden

Hiking with Perspective: Bergaliv Loft House by Hanna Michelson

What luck that English tourists discovered hiking in the 18th century. Since the Romantic era, the great outdoors has been a desirable destination for weary city folk. However, not everyone is willing to do without the accustomed comforts of city life. Switzerland’s Grand Hotels represent the best example of a popular combination of proximity to nature and modern conveniences such as running water and fine dining.

There is now a wide selection of hotels that unite a romantic experience with a certain level of comfort. For instance, this is the aim of the four loft houses planned for Sweden’s Bergaliv Landscape Hotel. Hanna Michelson has recently completed the first one. The house, which stands on the slope of the Åsberget mountain in the north of Sweden, has two levels, each measuring 14 m².

The open upper level is a roofed exterior space with a panoramic view of the valley. In the closed space on the lower floor, guests can relax, cook and eat. They sleep on futons that can be hung on the wall during the day. A wooden bench on one wall is a relaxing spot that works as seating for meals as well. The interior space is clad with birch plywood; outside, the house is covered with pine and fir. The furnishings are spare in order to prevent distraction from the natural surroundings.

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