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Hooray for Henry: Urbanears Harris Tweed headphones.

Headphons with Harris tweed lableBooks that purport to provide guidance on etiquette have struggled to keep pace with technology. But thankfully Urbanears have very helpfully created The Platten Tweed Edition of their popular headphones. Now country gents can listen to their favourite tunes whilst on the grouse moor and still look splendid.

The headphone is clad in Harris Tweed which is apparently the only fabric in the world that has its own Act of Parliament to ensure its authenticity. It is hand woven from virgin new wool in the remoter parts of Scotland.

It is not the first time this traditional Scottish fabric has made the transition from Outer Hebrides to Harlem. A few years ago a footwear manufacturer made some trainers using the famous cloth.


End view.

Folded headphones

Tweed on Tweed

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