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Icon culture: Cultural building by RMJM.

Images: RMJM.

In an extraordinary proposal in Taiwan, RMJM architects have designed a “cloud” shaped building, where amongst other things “information” will be stored. It is not as crass as it sounds. At least some of the information will apparently be works of art in the museum and books in a library. The building is intended to act as a gateway to the city of Taichung, as well as a cultural centre.

It is hoped, if built, it will become an iconic building ...shaped like an icon.

The envelope would appear to owe its inspiration to Lab Architecture's Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. Its pin-wheel grid structure was innovative when designed some 15 years ago. In the renderings illustrated here, of the “Cultural Cloud”, the envelope structure appears very light. It will be impressive if the real thing is as delicate.

The surrounding landscape is designed to flow across the site, undulating under the building creating a shady space for visitors to rest. Here, the configuration of the escalators recalls Foster's Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong.

The escalators there, famously lapped-up the metaphorical flow of money as it cascaded down the mountainside under the building. That under-croft also served an informal public square. A shady spot where hard-pressed Filipino maids working in that city could relax on their day off.

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