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Scrap Timber Furniture

The Wake by Ubico Studio. Photo: Ubico Studio

The new collection “Wake” by Ubico is made of scrap timber that is useless for many other purposes.

The Tel-Aviv-based Ubico Studio, a combination of a design studio and a small production unit, created a new furniture collection that was according to the designers inspired - as its name “Wake” gives away - by the Christian wake ceremony: “Although the scrap timber could not be reincarnated once more into trees, the design creates a new life for the planks.”

After selecting the wood, each piece is cut down to an extremely accurate size and glued together in a matrix to unify the parts into one solid structure. Then the block of “new wood” is carved into a tree stump form, imitating the original appearance of the material. Thus even though Ubico’s furniture pieces 
appear random they are in reality, carefully designed pieces of “new wooden” furniture with grains of each wood type exposed.


The rains of each wood type are exposed in the scrap timber furniture by Ubico. Photos: Ubico Studio

Small blocks of 35 cm 
diameter in width and 46 cm in height can be arranged around a lower wider block as it is done with cut tree trunks when camping in the forest.

"Wake" seat option and detail. Design by Ubico. Photo: Ubico Studio

The designers state that it is optional to have back rests carved in their tree trunk like furniture.

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