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Tables are turned: Project UTFSM, Chile by Elementoidiseño

Stacked tabes and chairs

When the University of Valparaiso had a furniture dilemma they asked Elementoidiseño to come to the rescue with some new ideas. The design house has acquired something of a reputation for designing furniture which has a dual function or aspect. Their motivation for this is that most apartments and houses in Chile tend to be small, so furniture is better compact and preferably dual use.

Back at the university, they had a little left-over space that they wanted to use in a number of ways so flexibility was the key driver for the designs. You can see from the images how the configurations work. The furniture is made from lacquered MDF so the pieces are simple to make and sturdy. The downside of course is that they will be reasonably heavy for pieces that must be lifted and I am guessing the lacquer will eventually get chipped.

Nonetheless the chairs, particularly when stacked, have a wonderful sculptural quality.

two tables stacked

dining table and chairs

two chairs stacked

side elevation of chairs

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