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The force of Aboriginal Art.

Whilst the earlier post today talks of Western art, lets not for a moment think that art from other traditions is inferior in some way. Here are four examples of contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art that illustrate the point.

The work of the three artists featured: Ronnie-Tjampitjinpa, Dorothy-Napangardi and Walangkury Napanangka is firmly rooted in historical Aboriginal culture. But traditionally, paintings such as these perhaps arranged as ground mosaics were an integral aspect of complex cultural systems involving chanting, dancing and other activities that together made-up a rich and diverse way of living.

When Aboriginal art is used in ceremonial situations it is believed to acquire dangerous mythological forces that must be safely dispersed by destroying the art after its ritual use, so as not to anger the supernatural forces.

Further information can be found here and works are also for sale.

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