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Tunnel vision: The scope house, Makinohara plateau, southern Japan by mA-style.

Photos: Kai Nakamura.


This small family house is conceived around a very simple idea: to frame a particular view. The architects, mA-style, have taken this idea, and from it developed an exciting and bold form that has just a hint of Corbusian monocular vision in its powerful sculptural arrangements.

For this project, composition is everything. The most dramatic feature is the white shoebox that is open ended, and which frames the magnificent view to the north. In this volume is the kitchen and main living space. It all appears to be effortlessly perched on a grey concrete, up-ended wedge from which it cantilevers into open space. Anchoring the shoebox at the back is a larger two storey concrete form, more irregular in shape, which houses the bathrooms and other accommodation. Inside a delicate and artful spiral stair connects the levels and contrasts with the brut concrete and massive stone finishes.

How the structure works is presented as a kind of magic, as the detailing is careful to avoid spoiling the illusion that these are pieces of Lego artistically arranged.

side elevation.

Distant view.

The main window.

Kitchen and view.

Distant view.

Spiral stair.


In context.

Gratitude to urdesign.

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