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Warm, woody school found in Greater Paris. By Hubert & Roy Architects.

roof scape of school

Tethered to Paris by a suburban railway line, the town of Le Borget floats in a sea of countryside or at least is separated from Paris by a substantial wedge of trees. But Hubert & Roy Architects realise that even those with access to an abundance of fresh air need schools to help them develop a clear head! Their little school brings architectural clarity that it is hoped can inspire children, whilst not forgetting they need a bit of fun too!

With a structure entirely of timber, that is exposed and well articulated on the inside, the play of abundant natural light gives visual complexity to the interiors that contrasts nicely with plain white surfaces. Flashes and stripes of colour around doorways and across floors are the kind of capricious touch that children adore. The plan is simple. A cranked, double - loaded corridor with clerestory lighting, sometimes from concealed glazing, appears to effortlessly draw people through the circulation areas.

From the outside the greened roof scape looks like a Möbius band, whilst the sleek aluminium cladding suggests a well dressed visitor from the big city!

view from the railway

view from the field

view from the street

interior coridor

looks like the gym

assembly space

The school gym

masterplan and structure

building plans


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