Akustisch wirksame Klimaleuchte

Foto: Sebastian Buff

The modular, ready-to-install elements are used to heat, cool and illuminate rooms as well as as sound absorbers, and have been developed for commercial premises in new and existing buildings. The acoustically effective climate lights were recently installed above the workstations of a web developer from Munich, too. The refurbishment of the offices provided the opportunity for new technical equipment to be installed,  but installation was to be carried out with as little intervention as possible into the existing building structure. In combination with a water-water heat pump connected to the regeneratively-cooled building net Akustisch work, the interpanel system solution was able to be quickly integrated. The patented technology ensures passive, silent, draught-free and conden sation-free high-performance cooling. It also boasts  a heating function, room rever beration reduction and LED lighting adapted to the circadian rhythm in the colour temperature range from 3000 to 6500 K and with an illuminance of optionally over 1000 lx at working height. Lighting management and room-climate control are carried out using a central, AI-based  miniserver.

The visible surface of the panels is pure white. There is design scope as regards the colour of the powder-coated frames, the arrangement of the modules suspended on steel cables and the functional equipment of the system.  In renovating his office unit, Sebastian Blum, the owner of the Munich-based IT company, has opted above all for climatic qualities and high-quality workplace design. He sees the latter as an important distinguishing factor when it comes to the recruitment of skilled workers and ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction.

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