Kreislauftechnologie für hochwertiges Aluminium

Foto: Wicona

Products made of aluminium with recycled content are nothing new. What is makes Hydro Circal 75R special?
Our parent company, the Norwegian group Hydro, is the first aluminium producer to supply high-quality aluminium with a certified content of more than 75 % recycled aluminium. In contrast to the aluminium solutions generally available on the market, which are advertised as having recycled content, our approach does not focus on process scrap, but on end-of-life material. In Dormagen and Clervaux, Luxembourg, we developed a complex manufacturing process involving shredding, separating, sorting and melting to prepare end-of-life aluminium so that the right alloy can be directly fed back into the production of high quality aluminium profiles. We can thus ensure that our system solutions contain a minimum percentage of 75 % end-of-life aluminium in them – certified by an independent third party and with no difference in quality to primary aluminium.

Do you only process your own material?
We process windows, facade and door profiles of various origin. At our recycling plant in Dormagen, up to 36,000 tonnes of post-consumer scrap can be sorted annually. By using recycled material, we can significantly reduce energy consumption. The production of Hydro Circal 75R requires only 5 % of the energy used to produce primary aluminium. It also has a lower carbon footprint: to produce 1 kg of aluminium, an average of 8.6 kg of CO2 is released in Europe; the worldwide average is 18 kg of CO2. With Hydro Circal 75R it is only 2 kg CO2. This gives us one of the world’s lowest carbon footprints for aluminium.


Die Hydro-Gruppe hat ein Verfahren entwickelt, mit dem sich Aluminiumlegierungen herstellen lassen, die aus mindestens 75 % recyceltem End-of-Life-Aluminium bestehen.  Foto: © Hydro Dormagen / mediashots

Florian Vogel, Leiter der Projektberatung bei Wicona. Foto: © Wicona

Foto: © Wicona

Foto: © Wicona

Foto: © Wicona

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