Book Launch of the New BIG Monograph at Edition Detail

How does the Bjarke Ingels Group turn its architectural vision into reality? With which technical details and what self-sufficiency?
On the occasion of the new publication of the BIG-Monograph by Edition Detail, Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Partner at BIG, answers these and other questions from Sandra Hofmeister, Chief Editor at Detail and our viewers. You can get an insight into the conversation in our video.

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BIG Book Talk
27. April 2022
18:00 MEZ (Berlin time), 12:00 (noon, New York Time)
Zoom-Link https://zoom.us/j/94969785862

Kai-Uwe Bergmann

Kai-Uwe Bergmann is a Partner at BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group, who brings architectural expertise to proposals around the globe, including work in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He heads up BIG's business development, which currently has the office working in over 35 different countries. He also oversees BIG's Urban scales projects and supports BIG’s Landscape projects. Kai-Uwe most recently contributed to the resiliency plan BIG U to protect 10 miles of Manhattan's coastline. First envisioned through the Rebuild by Design competition to develop proactive responses to Superstorm Sandy, it is now being further developed and construction will begin on the first 2.5 miles in 2021. Further projects include Brooklyn Queens Park, Smithsonian Master Plan, Pittsburgh Master Plan, Miami Beach Square and Zira Island Master Plan. He complements his professional work through previous teaching assignments at the University of Pennsylvania, IE University in Madrid, and his alma mater the University of Virginia. Kai-Uwe formerly was on the Board of the Van Alen Institute, participates on numerous international juries and lectures globally on the works of BIG.

Sandra Hofmeister

As editor-in-chief of Detail, Sandra Hofmeister leads a team of around 20 employees in the print, online and book sections. She studied at the TU and FU in Berlin and gained her PhD in Munich. She has long worked as a moderator, and juror in the fields of architecture and design. Before joining Detail in 2016, she oversaw the launch of the Ger­man edition of Domus magazine. She has been part of the management team of Detail Business GmbH since 2019 and also teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Recent books edited by the Munich native in the Edition Detail series include “School Buildings” (2020) and “København – Urban Architecture and Public Spaces” (2021).

BIG. Architektur und Baudetails. Architecture and Construction Details. 208 pages, 20 projects, numerous drawings and photos, hg. v. Sandra Hofmeister, Edition DETAIL, München 2022.

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Photos: © Michela Morosini, © Alain Bucher

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