Café do Cais, Oporto

Entwurf des Architekturbüros HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg Partner, Düsseldorf (Platz 1)

The café, in the form of a simple glazed pavilion, is integrated into the lively quayside surroundings along the River Douro in the old city centre. When all the glass doors on the south side are opened, the café is transformed into a large, covered open-air terrace. The only solid volumes are two boxes housing the service zone for the bar, and the sanitary facilities. From the café terrace, visitors have a view of the River Douro. Viewed from the south, the pavilion recedes behind a broad awning that echoes the sails of the ships at anchor on the river. The pavilion seems to hover above the ground on a raised platform, consisting of precast concrete elements. In this way the new building is also set off from its historical surroundings.
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