11.09.2018 Jakob Schoof

Creating Places: 
Make Lewes Festival 2018

Photo: Ian Mackay/BBM Architects

“In an age of collaborative, boundary-breaking thinking, partnerships and projects, the Make Lewes Festival is a collaborative, boundary-breaking festival”. This is how the organizers of the Make Lewes Festival on England’s south coast describe the event which is taking place from September 21 to 30, 2018. With a focus on crossover, “outside the box” themes, the festival seeks to establish connections from architecture, sustainability and place-making to maker culture, materials, and hand and crafts skills. The nine-day programme features three main events with an explicit architectural dimension:
Building with Water Symposium (29th September 1.30, 6.pm, Fitzroy House), an event that explores the connections between water, architecture, material sources and the future. A line-up of international and British speakers will discuss “water cultures” as different and diverse as Bangladesh, Northern Kurdistan, Iceland, and the UK.
FutureScoping Symposium (30th September, 1.30–5.30.pm, Depot Lewes), an afternoon symposium on the future of Lewes and the potential for a new cultural infrastructure in the town after the success of Depot Lewes, the town’s award winning new cinema (see photographs). The speakers will share a spectrum of different perspectives on inclusive cultural infrastructure, participatory design, Maker Spaces and WorkHome approaches to affordable living for creative workers.
Kinship IV Design & Make Workshop (26th-28th September, 10.00–18.00, Linklater Pavilion), a design & make workshop that takes a leaf out of an old children’s game, Consequences. Up to thirty five participants will be design railway land infrastructure on and for the Lewes Railway Land nature reserve, out of re-used, upcycled and sustainable materials. At least one of the resulting pieces of furniture will go on to a connected London event, Root & Branch at the Waterloo City Farm, where a new version of the furniture will be designed, made and realised.

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