inside 2/2016

Inside 2/2016

Reflective surfaces and curved forms for ­China, noble and durable materials for Russia; Ippolito Fleitz carefully analyses local market mechanisms and develops bespoke retail concepts for each context. The fact that as Europeans we have to bring along a good portion of psychological intuition in order to be able to develop design concepts tailored to foreign cultures is described by Peter Ippolito in his text “Think Emotional, Act Local“. The practical proof of the importance of ­regional sensitivities is illustrated by the magically playful appearance of new jewellery label Dada and a scenography that perfectly serves the desires of female buyers that grew up in an era of Chinese turbo-capitalism.

As a matter of course we also look upon to ­Japan and Europe; in this issue of DETAIL inside we show projects that represent a general retail-trend towards concise forms and a consistent material language. Grey terrazzo dominates the surfaces of the David Chipperfield designed flagship stores for fashion label Valentino while a spruce wall element forms a focal point in the knife showroom designed by Yusuke Seki and expanded metal display tables define the store design for Swedish fashion brand Mouli. Together they provide a powerful argument in favour of the minimalist use of materials. Peter Popp
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