structure 2/2015

Structure 2/2015

In high-rise construction, the engineer Bill Baker‘s innovative structural engineering concept for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai opened up an entire new dimension. In his background article he shows that designing tall buildings can be both simple and complex. A tower, however tall it is, remains a vertical cantilever, and as such a statically determinate system. On the other hand, it can be very d­emanding to design a suitable structure for that purpose.

An exceptional feat of engineering was also required for the nearly one and a half kilo­metres long, doubly curved highway bridge in Sundsvall in Sweden, where the bridge ­elegantly spans across the bay. It ­also required a very strong performance from the involved firms in terms of construction technology and logistics – not only due to the tight schedule, but also because none of the steel components, prefabricated in southern Germany and weighing up to 100 tons, have the exact same shape.

In contrast, the new subway stations Szent Gellért tér and Fővám tér with their high design quality are located deeply underground. Here, we illustrate the related architecture and structural design as well as the construction processes, based on the cut-and-cover method. The further projects presented in this issue complement the broad range of structures. As diverse as the featured examples are, aside from their exciting structural solutions and construction processes they share high demands in terms of architectural design. Thus, they ­represent the basic idea of DETAIL structure: the successful interplay between design, structure, and construction.

Photo: Courtesy of Max Bögl

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