10.04.2018 Thomas Jakob

Modular construction in practice

Photo: Thomas Jakob

The registration fee of 495 euros for the third annual modular construction conference Modulbau on 17 and 18 April in Cologne is not exactly cheap. For the third time, modular construction companies, project developers, residential construction companies and architects will use the forum on modular building to discuss architecture, the construction process and the advantages of modular construction. The following presentations are planned: Jürgen Bartenschlag, Associate Architect at Sauerbruch Hutton will talk about timber modular construction on the basis of the Universal Design Quarter in Hamburg; Alexander Stecher of Pfaffing / Wasserburg am Inn will report on experiences with the modular building park of the city of Munich; and Holger Gestering of the planning group Gestering | Knipping | de Vries of Bremen will give a presentation on construction above parking areas at the University of Bremen and the advantages of modular construction for residents with respect to noise and dust. Especially relevant for everyday operations will be the presentation by Daniel Hürter, a lawyer specialising in real estate, with respect to invitations for tenders and contracts for modular construction services. On 19 and 20 June, the focus will be on modular timber construction. The imh Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH invites you to attend the modular construction conference in Vienna. In addition to examples of modular buildings and hybrid construction methods, the topics will also include digitisation in the context of serial production. The Future of Building – Modular Construction
On 20 September Detail research and the research initiative for the future of construction Zukunft Bau invite you to attend an event in Munich. The series of events The Future of Construction will focus on the opportunities and possibilities of prefabrication, also for residential construction. In addition to modular construction, the focus will also be on hybrid construction methods and prefabricated construction.
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