Membrane Materials in Building

Membrane Constructions

The Construction of the Millenium Dome, London

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Airship Hangar

The hangar, 306 m long, 220 m wide and 107m high, is probably the largest hall in Europe.

Travelling Membrane Roof in Vienna City Hall

This 34.21 x 32.52 m extendable roof structure provides protection against sun and rain and allows the courtyard to be used for balls, concerts and other...

Living Realms

These four temporary exhibition pavilions were erected in the middle of a village pond as

model rooms that show the way young people live today.

Space for the Summer

“Develop for the municipality of Rotis a space for the summer that will provide room for at least two people.

Japanese Tea Houses

The ritual of relationships surrounding the traditional tea ceremony begins on the “roji” or path in the garden, where the guest lays aside his daily cares.