Bercy-Tolbiac Pedestrian Bridge, Paris

Two busy roads separate the Seine from the adjoining urban districts at this point.

Millennium Bridge, London

In the year 2000, it should be possible to cross the Thames comfortably on foot from St Paul’s Cathedral to the new Tate Gallery on the south bank in only five...

Toyo Ito - Blurring Architecture

Backpack Bridge

In most cases where rivers or ravines occur along regularly used paths, fixed bridges have been built in the course of time.

Bridge-Building Systems

Bridges in the Himalayas

Long-Span Bridges

Lightweight Bridge in Coalbrookdale

Is There a Future for Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Cables in Load-Bearing Structures?

Because of the fatigue and corrosion to which metal cables are subject, suspension structures are usually designed to allow a relatively simple replacement of...