Bridges - Design and Detail

Bridges of Glass

Traversina Footbridge, Viamala, Switzerland

Forming part of a scheme to make the spectacular scenery of this area more accessible, the bridge was designed to be flown in by helicopter.

Pedestrian Bridge in Weiden

Designed to provide children with a safe route to school across a busy road, the bridge, roughly 83 metres long, swings up from a solid abutment on one side and...

Pedestrian Bridge at Royal Victoria Dock, London

Earlier this year, a regional yachting centre was opened at the Royal Victoria Dock, which has been now been turned into a venue for regattas.

Construction Site Shanghai - a Brief Outline

Urban Rehabilitation in Hanoi, Vietnam

Restoration Work to Temples

The Rehabilitation of the Einstein Tower - a Careful and Economical Approach to Historical Building Fabric