Cemetery with Funeral Chapel in Enkering

Located close to an Autobahn and a planned express railway line, the cemetery is visually and acoustically screened by a 100-metre-long precast concrete slab...

Museum in Korbach

With its four cubes of monolithic appearance, the new extension adopts the small-scale structure of the existing museum buildings, which were also refurbished...

Municipal and State Library in Dortmund

Adopting the building lines and heights of its urban surroundings, the complex comprises an elongated tract clad in stone and a glazed semicircular volume...

Technology Centre in Inca, Majorca

Bank Extension in Schönaich

With its rough, bush-hammered stone façade and narrow vertical window openings, the extension is clearly contrasted with the original 1970s’ building to the...

Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin

The additional administrative space required in the competition brief was provided in an independent building to one side of the existing presidential office...

City Hall in Murcia, Spain

Closing the main square at the end opposite the cathedral, the city hall is an expression of the democratic pride of modern Spain.

Municipal Buildings in Iragna, Switzerland

Located in a traditional granite-quarrying area, Iragna has an intact urban structure, which the scheme respects.

Wine Store in Vauvert, France

The building is subject to the Mediterranean climate of the Camargue.