Student Hostel in Weimar

The scheme comprised the conversion of a former barracks prison and the addition of a new tract to create 50 student dwellings.

Housing in Berlin

The two four-storey blocks described here form part of a larger development and infill programme in an existing housing area.

Housing in Ypenburg, Netherlands

The 14 houses, linked by smaller structures to form a gently curving row, mark the first stage of a larger development on a former airport site.

Housing in Breda, Netherlands

Laid out along a typical Dutch “Singel”, a canal with trees on both sides, the terrace houses form a line of urban demarcation facing the naturally landscaped...

Grocery Shop in Varano, Italy

Set on the visual axis between the ruins of the Castello and the remains of the Palazzo Pallavicini, the shop, with its 1960s’ concrete barrel-vault roof, was...

Precision through Size: the Brick Observatories of Sawai Jai Singh II

Assembly Tent

Based on investigations carried out in Malaysia into the use of membrane structures under tropical conditions, an additive tent roof was designed to provide a...

Architectural Tent in Freiburg

Designed as a temporary centre for exhibitions, lectures and other events on the theme of architecture, this tent structure has the iconic form of an archetypal...

Exhibition Pavilion

Designed to house touring exhibitions on the theme of addiction and obsessive illness, the structure may be seen as a symbolic expression of the frailty of...