Chihiro Museum of Art, Azumino, Japan

Set in the foothills of the mountains near Azumino, the museum exhibits watercolours and children’s books by the local artist and illustrator Chihiro Iwasaki.

Hall in Odate, Japan

The plan form and profile of the hall were determined by its principal use – as a baseball arena.

Spanish School in London

The school is housed in a former convent in a densely developed urban district.

Aviary in Parc Floral, Orléans

Inscribed within a circle 28 m in diameter, the aviary is divided by a footpath into two symmetrical parts.

The Millennium Hall in London - a Site Report

Aerodynamic Roofs

Roof Structures -Function and Construction

Housing and Commercial Block in Rathenow

This roughly 100-year-old building is located in an area of mixed housing and commercial uses.

Extension to Cantonal School in Solothurn, Switzerland

To ensure a flexible layout that could be adapted to changing uses, this two-storey, free-standing school extension was executed in a unit construction system,...