Extension to Cantonal School in Solothurn, Switzerland

To ensure a flexible layout that could be adapted to changing uses, this two-storey, free-standing school extension was executed in a unit construction system,...

The House as a Commodity - Stages along the Path to Industrial Production

Industrialized Housing from the End of the Second World War to the Present Day

Building with Systems

The Language of Systematic Design: Precast Concrete Construction Systems by Angelo Mangiarotti


The versatile components of the “Duck” prefabricated system allow the construction of a variety of kiosks, ranging from newspaper and information stands to...


This piece of “micro-architecture” was to

have a simple, light, compact construction.

Beach Point

Designed as a student project in the category of micro-architecture, the structure was conceived as an observation tower with a variety of sporting...

House in Gams, Switzerland

Situated on the edge of a residential area near Chur, the house is screened from the road by a separate garage structure.