Solar, Defensive or Both?

Double Façades - Essential for High-Rise Blocks?

Housing Development in Zollikofen, Switzerland

The north side of the houses is sunk into the slope of the site, from which the roof rises in a planted concave curve.

Open-Air Swimming Pool in Nördlingen

One of the main conditions of the brief was that the water for the pools should be heated exclusively by solar energy.

Research Centre in Ispra, Italy

As part of a large-scale rehabilitation scheme, this former nuclear research institution was redeveloped as a general European research centre.

Mountain House on the Hundwiler Höhe, Switzerland

For over 100 years a house has stood on this site on a hilltop 1,300 m above sea level in the canton of Appenzell.

Pair of Houses in Bregenz

This low-energy, ecological development has a prefabricated timber structure that was erected in two days.

Administration Building in Coventry

Spatial integration of disparate sections of the company, energy efficiency and internal comfort were central themes of the design.

Administration Building in Würzburg