Old People's Home in Wesel

Laid out in the form of two L-shape tracts, the development turns its back on the four-lane highway that cuts the site off from the edge of the town.

School of Forestry in Lyss, Switzerland

This school with boarding accommodation for future foresters forms the first phase of a more comprehensive development.

Office Building in Hamburg

Occupying a triangular site in an industrial estate, this housing and office complex was laid out in such a way that the fa├žades parallel to the street...

Alloa Tower: Rehabilitation of an Early Scottish Structure

Zollverein Coal Mine, Pit XII in Essen - Conversion and Extension of an Industrial Monument Dating from 1928-32

Municipal Buildings in Port Glasgow

Designed by David Hamilton, the original municipal buildings were completed in 1815.

Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen

Built in 1933, the harbour railway station became a landmark of the town and a monument of classical modernism.

Museum Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Designed by Georg Ernst Friedrich Neuhaus and Ferdinand Wilhelm Holz, the railway terminal of the Hamburg-Berlin line was completed in 1847 and exerted a strong...

Barn Conversion in Offenbach

Regarded as worthy of preservation and possessing a sound structure, the barn was converted to provide additional space for a small house opposite.