House in Ito, Japan

Planned as a winter retreat, the house is small in area, but extends over three storeys.

House near Bad Tölz

Erected within a period of nine months with prefabricated timber elements, this two-storey, low-energy house reflects the vernacular of the local farm buildings...

Nursery School Extension

This residential nursery school extension provides space for an additional group of children in an independent structure.

Health Centre in Mali, Guinea

The centre serves the 2,000 inhabitants of the town of Mali and the population of the surrounding areas.

Waste-Disposal Yard in Munich

Centres for the collection and disposal of recyclable and problematic waste materials are usually located on the periphery of towns where the urban structure is...

House in Phoenix, Arizona

Set on the edge of the desert close to a dense residential development, the house was built over a former road.

House in Osaka, Japan

This house in Osaka was designed for a young couple and the mother.

Restaurant in Kyoto, Japan

Extending over three floors, the restaurant occupies a site less than 70 m2 in area situated on a busy traffic junction opposite the Daitokuji Temple.

Housing and Commercial Building in Böblingen

The building adopts the height of the adjoining structures in the road.