House in Coolum, Australia

Set on a steep slope, with sweeping views to the north from the treetop balconies, the development comprises two pavilions that are

linked by a covered...

Housing for the Elderly in Amsterdam

Since it was not possible to accommodate the required number of dwellings on the site in the form foreseen, five large elements were cantilevered out from the...

The Balcony as an Outdoor Space

Housing and Office Building in Brunswick

The design was largely influenced by the surrounding development and the form of the site, which consists of two residual triangular plots, resulting from a...

The Oriel in Architecture

Oriel Windows in 20th-Century Housing: Developments in Germany

House Extension in Constance

This 21-metre-long extension to a 16th-century former winepress building has a maximum width of 3.8

House in Waldenbuch

The house is built on a steeply sloping site.

Housing Block in Berlin

This six-storey block of publicly assisted housing contains 31 dwellings.