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Liyang Museum, Crox

Floating Melodies: Liyang Museum by Crox

At the southeast corner of Yan Lake Park, the Liyang Museum by Crox connects a new urban quarter with its surrounding green spaces in a musical arrangement of space. The architects from Crox explain that the organic lines and hilly landscape compose a forested mountain that welcomes people from all directions while telling a poetic, Oriental life story.

In the design for the Liyang Museum, reciprocal relationships between architecture and music are expressed in the building’s shape, whose contours outline the shape of the traditional Chinese instrument known as the jiaoweiqin, one of the city of Liyang’s cultural symbols. Three key terms provided the theoretical foundation for the discursive design process: kejing (visualize and scenarize), xuange (sing) and liuzhuang (flow).  

The upper portion of the Liyang Museum, a hollowed-out volume, is home to “contemporary, past and future” exhibition spaces; the entrance area is located directly beneath the floating museum body. By night, the teardrop-shaped inner courtyard shines urban light into the sky  like an open window.

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