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Tank Shanghai, Open Architecture

Art in Fuel Tanks: Tank Shanghai by Open Architecture

From five decommissioned fuel tanks situated on the banks of Shanghai’s Huangpu River, Open Architecture have created a lively centre for contemporary art. Open, accessible and seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape, the art museum takes up not only the industrial past of its location, but also attempts to soften conventional ideas of delimitation.

Sloping meadows enable direct connections and free movement patterns among the city, riverbank and art. As Open Architecture emphasizes, this represents a welcome gesture of social inclusivity against the background of Shanghai’s many exclusive art projects. The heart of the design features a Z-shaped, landscaped “super surface” which interconnects the five tanks.

Entry ramps have been covered with steel plates, while step elements in front of the tanks function as seating. On the south side of the plaza, an urban forest meets the museum grounds. Another grassy area to the east offers space for open-air music festivals. Two smaller galleries and a collection of freely accessible installations are strewn throughout the entire park.

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