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Collective housing forms of the future: community in the superlative?

The designs proposed by a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Munich are radical, experimental and in some cases provocative, and in all cases shake up existing living habits and needs. Under the title "Urban Living Concepts – history and future of collaborative living", under the direction of Philipp Lionel Molter of the Chair for Design and Building Envelopes, the students have developed radically new approaches to living. The graduations of community and privacy are in part shifted to their – from today's perspective – maximum tolerance limits. The international students – many of them themselves so-called urban nomads – are probably already one step ahead in terms of their thinking and experiences with temporary housing forms.

The students' aim with their designs was to come up with alternative housing forms that represent a counter-concept to urban anonymity and whose inhabitants – singles, couples, families and older people – become a real community for a time. The underlying premise was to make an equal contribution to developing cost-effective living concepts with reduced per capita square metre consumption and to creating comfortable living conditions for the constantly growing target group of urban nomads. The idea is based on minimising private space through shared areas that create added value for all residents. Today's working world demands more and more flexibility, with not only singles, but also families and the elderly constantly faced with the challenge of gaining a foothold in a new place – including for only limited periods of time. Which spaces are required for this – both structurally and virtually? The conceptual designs on the topic of Shared Living were presented by the students at the beginning of February as part of a public semester review and then discussed by Oke Hauser, MINI LIVING, Eva Becker, URBAN-X, Mark Stabel, UnternehmerTUM and Jakob Schoof, DETAIL, and of course Philipp Molter.

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