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Calostat, Evonik, Insulation, Cradle to Cradle, Recycling

Fireproof, Highly Insulating and Recyclable

In addition, the high-performance insulating material has a long service life. Once installed, the panels are designed for a lifetime of at least 50 years without sacrificing performance. Because Evonik has been offering the product for about 3.5 years, longterm tests are only just starting. However, numerous audits and the expertise of various institutions confirm the calculations. Calostat has received a platinum level Material Health Certificate, the Gold Cradle to Cradle certificate from the Product Innovation Institute, and an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) with a calculated recycling scenario.

There are various scenarios for reusing the material: in the event of demolition or dismantling, the insulation boards can simply be reused. If a second application in panel form is not feasible due to the dimensions, for example, the material can be used as a rigid core in vacuum insulation panels (VIP). There are already successful tests with various VIP manufacturers.

Another possibility for later usage is as core insulation in vertically perforated bricks. Mixing remaining Calostat into raw brick mass is also conceivable. If energy saving requirements become more stringent in the future, this could be an interesting solution for masonry construction.

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