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Courtesy of Francis Dzikowski for Related Oxford, Nacasa und Partners, Aaron Hargreaves

Our favourites: Three sculptural stairway structures

With their striking appearance they attract everyone’s attention: the stair sculpture “Vessel” in Manhattan, the dynamic staircase of the Maike Centre Flagshipstore in Xian, China and finally the shiny metallic spiral staircase of the Apple Store in Ney York.

Stepwell and maze-like stairways in Manhattan: »Vessel« by Heatherwick Studio

Like a meeting of the Spanish Steps with Indian stepwells in amphitheatre form, »Vessel« by Heatherwick Studio seeks to bring people together in its bridge-like maze of stairways.

Client: Related, Oxford Properties Group
Architects: Heatherwick Studio
Location: Hudson Yards, New York (US)

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