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Photovoltaic Modules in Balcony Parapets

Balco has developed a system in which photovoltaic modules for generating electricity are integrated into the parapet. The system is particularly suitable for refurbishment and modernisation projects. The crystalline surface of the solar modules is available in various different colours, and the parapet can be combined with all Balco window systems. The company supplied 96 balconies with integrated photovoltaic elements for a residential building in Bern. The PV elements were combined with the Sight parapet and the Design balcony system with frameless glazing. The area below the parapet was fitted with solar glass panes from A2-solar. The monocrystalline solar cells are embedded in two partially-tempered laminated safety glass panes. The outer pane of structural glass with a dotted grid and a solar-grey film on the inside gives the elements their golden colour. This means that the parapets are virtually unrecognisable as solar modules from the outside. A total of 240 modules with a height of 1090 mm and widths from 1407 to 1767 mm were installed.

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