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ASB Glassfloor, LED walls

LED Glass Walls and Floors

Spatial design is about viewing a space as an expandable and perceptible medium that encourages people to interact. ASB offers LED glass walls and glass floors for this purpose. For Microsoft’s headquarters building in Dublin, ASB technology was used to design a digital waterfall that plummets into a digital lake. The glass is virtually non-reflective and the 440-cm-high surface can be used as a transparent balustrade. Beside this project, ASB GlassFloor developed the DigitalWallpaper for the Frame Awards held in Amsterdam on 19 and 20 February 2020. Instead of using the screens to ­display news or advertising, ASB integrates the digital hardware of the spatial design behind glass, so that visitors to the premises are never directly exposed to the LEDs.

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ASB Glassfloor, LED walls

Photo: ASB Glassfloor

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