SFP Architekten, Umbau, Stuttgart
Inside Space

The Poetry of the Raw: Experimental Renovation by SFP Architekten

Bildungsensemble Terenten, feld72, Foto: Hertha Hurnaus
Inside Space

Learning and Teaching: School Ensemble in South Tyrol by feld72

Housing, Housing, Housing: exhibition in the architecture museum of the TU Munich, Photo: Ann-Kathrin Eberhard

"Housing, Housing, Housing!"

Titan architects, Town Hall extension, Julien Lanoo

Brick façade skin: Town hall extension by Titan Architects

dominique coulon & associés, Kindergarten, Buhl

A Pink Fortress: Day-Care Centre by dominique coulon & associés

VON M, Kinder- und Familienzentrum Ludwigsburg, Zooey Braun

A Playbarn: Centre for Children and Families in Poppenweiler

Kindergarten in South Tyrol; feld72; Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

Well Looked After: Kindergarten in South Tyrol

Schenker Salvi Weber, Volksschule

From Cellar to Attic: School Expansion in Absam

Construction, Russ Holzbau & Technik, Modular system, Timber Construction

A Wooden-module Home by Russ Holzbau & Technik