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About Render

Designing and Realising Plaster Surfaces
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Publishing date: October, 2023
Author: Annette Spiro, Hartmut Göhler, Pinar Gönül (Eds.)
Format: softcover - 22 × 28 cm
ISBN: 978-3-95553-617-6
Edition: 1
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This book shows that the potential of render goes far beyond current application practice and the wide range of design options plastering offers for the planning and implementation of building facades. Using photos, detailed drawings, and facade cuts on a scale of 1:20, the publication documents 18 buildings using new and traditional plastering techniques. Featuring interviews with experts in architecture and craftsmanship, who share their insights into render from production to application. They also relate the history of rough renders and the complex interplay between render and paint. In addition, ten recipes and an illustrated glossary offer a practical guide to produce an array of renders, including lime marsh and scratch render.

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