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ADAC Headquarters in Munich

Architects: Sauerbruch Hutton, D–Berlin
Structural engineering: Werner Sobek, D–Stuttgart
M 1:8000 Site plan
M 1:2000 Section
M 1:2000 Floor plans
M 1:20 Vertical section
M 1:20 Horizontal section

Because the tower – which appears to balance on the curved, free-form plinth – is sited next to the train tracks, it does not infringe upon neighbouring buildings. The facade consists of 1152 different facade modules, arranged in varying colour combinations. Each of the storey-high modules employes double glazing and, on the outermost surface, a baffle plate. Situated between the two are the solar protection and a self-cleaning, mechanical air-intake element that was developed in cooperation with the manufacturer. The colour scheme provides insight into the energy concept: the silk-screened segments of the baffle plate give away the position of the intake element, and the colourful sheet metal sheathing the inner layer conceals the solar protection louvers.
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