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Administrative and Storage Building in Niklasdorf


Architects: Poppe Prehal Architekten, A–Steyr
Structural engineering: Obermayr Holzkonstruktion Gesellschaft, A–Schwanenstadt
1:750 Floor plans
1:750 Sections
1:20 Section
Commercial buildings can also offer the opportunity to employ sustainable and cost-efficient construction methods. The administration and storage building in Styria’s Niklasdorf serves as an example: it adheres to the passive house standard and features a modular construction made of wood. This pilot project of the EU-funded construction system “eco2building” was developed by the architects in collaboration with professional consultants and construction firms. It combines a high-performance thermally insulated building envelope, high quality of craftsmanship, efficient mechanical equipment, and short planning and construction time. Despite being prefabricated to 80%, custom construction elements provide sufficient design flexibility.
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