Enjoy using your gift voucher

To redeem the gift voucher, you can choose whether to have the gift voucher value credited to your account or to redeem it directly when placing an order.

Redeem gift voucher for an order

This way you can use the gift voucher for different orders even without using a user account. In this case, the gift voucher functions as a prepaid credit card.

After you have placed your products in the shopping basket, click on the shopping basket and, in the window that opens, click on "VIEW AND EDIT CART".

In the next step, click on "Gift Voucher" to open the entry field for the gift voucher code.

Copy the code from the e-mail and click on "ADD GIFT VOUCHER".

Credit gift voucher is credited to your account.

Follow the link in the e-mail by clicking on the gift voucher code.

If you are not yet logged in to the shop, you can now either log in or create an account.

Then a page opens with an entry field in which your gift voucher code has already been inserted.

If you click on the button "Redeem gift voucher", the code is added to your user account and is automatically considered for your next orders.

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